Invalid Truck/Trailer

How It Works

The Invalid Truck/Trailer section of The MAC displays all tracking sessions set up with invalid truck or trailers numbers. These loads will not track until correct identifiers are supplied. Users are able to update tracking sessions with valid trackable IDs, assisted by Descartes MacroPoint Good Truck list displaying suggestions. 

Step 1: Select 'Carrier' and click 'Search Loads'. Navigate to 'Invalid Truck/Trailer' tab. 


Step 2: Navigate to the load in question and select the invalid Truck or Trailer ID. A search bar automatically appears allowing users to manually edit the Truck or Trailer ID and a suggested list of trackable identifiers, generated from Descartes MacroPoint’s Good Truck List, appear for quick access to all trackable IDs.


Step 3:Once correct Truck or Trailer ID is inputted, simply click ‘Save’


Still Have Questions?

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