The MAC (MacroPoint Action Center)

Operate with Agility

The MAC provides a crystal-clear picture of your active tracking sessions needing attention with clear, accurate, actionable areas to impact performance. Streamline operational efficiency enabling your team to rapidly assign, edit, & troubleshoot tracking sessions through a single view.

Instant Troubleshooting Execution

The MAC is the nucleus of troubleshooting active tracking sessions in real-time, divided into five comprehensible sections

Loads Waiting Assignment

Quickly identify all shipments lacking driver information and quickly assign with a truck, trailer, or mobile numbers

Invalid Truck/Trailer

Rapidly fix inaccurate truck and trailer numbers leveraging Descartes MacroPoint’s Good Truck data suggestions

Requesting App Install

Pinpoint drivers who need assistance installing the MacroPoint for Trucks mobile app with on-the-spot driver texting capabilities

Stop Past Appt

Recognize stops missing arrival and departure data enabling users to supply times instantaneously

Waiting for Location Update

Spot shipments pending location updates and manually trigger in-transit updates to resume tracking

We're Here to Help

Our team of experts wants to ensure your onboarding experience with Descartes MacroPoint is painless and efficient. If you have any questions and would like to speak with your Carrier Activation Consultant, please click the link below to request a callback.