Effortlessly Push Location Data From Your TMS to Our Visibility Platform

How it Works

For those with a TMS or dispatching system storing real-time data, sending data is simple with API or CSV integration.

API Integration

We can ingest location & event data directly from your TMS via API. Some providers offer prebuilt integration, but our API can be deployed from any TMS.

CSV (Flat file) Integration

If an API integration is not a good fit, we can also take in your location & event data through a flat file upload.

Templates for CSV Integration

Download pre-formatted templates to get started with location updates, event updates and tracking requests via flat file.


Location Updates


Event Updates


Tracking Requests

Automated Tracking Assignment

If your customer requires you to assign tracking, we can automate this as well, either through API or CSV (flat file) integration.

We're Here to Help

Our team of experts wants to ensure your onboarding experience with Descartes MacroPoint is painless and efficient. If you have any questions and would like to speak with your Carrier Activation Consultant, please click the link below to request a callback.