Tracking Request Assignment

How it Works

Some customers may require their carriers to update Descartes MacroPoint directly with driver information to track their shipments as they do not have this information. Based on your connection, MacroPoint needs either a truck, trailer, or phone number to track. Below you will find information on different options available to you as well as a training video and guide.

What Are My Options?

Automated Assignment (preferred)

If you have a TMS/Dispatch system or just a spreadsheet that associates driver information to your customer’s load numbers, we have ways you can automate assigning tracking requests.

API Integration

CSV (Flat file) Integration

Manual Assignment

If you cannot automate assignment of driver information, Descartes MacroPoint will provide you a direct log in to the MacroPoint portal where a user can manually type in a truck, trailer, or mobile number on each of your customer’s shipments.

We're Here to Help

Our team of experts wants to ensure your onboarding experience with Descartes MacroPoint is painless and efficient. If you have any questions and would like to speak with your Carrier Activation Consultant, please click the link below to request a callback.