I’ve never heard of MacroPoint, who are you and what do you do?

MacroPoint is a global, real-time freight visibility platform. We provide load location information to customers so they can see all their in-transit freight in real time, at one time, in one portal. Real- time updates and dynamic ETAs enable your customers to monitor the timeliness of their loads and shipments and adjust delivery windows when necessary.

Why are you asking me to do this?

Becoming MacroPoint enabled is a requirement of your customer. Real time visibility is important to your customer and is a value-added industry standard service. We are happy to work out any issues or concerns you may have about getting connected, but know that MacroPoint automates the process to make you and your customers’ jobs easier.

I don’t want to be tracked. What happens if I choose not to participate in the program?

You reserve the right to choose not to participate. However, not participating may impact your ability to do business with your customer as the reason we are contacting you is because your customer has indicated that they require real-time freight visibility for the loads you move for them.

I already send this same data to another visibility platform. Can’t I just use that?

Today we do not have the ability to route your location information from one visibility provider to another. However, our API is very simple and will allow you to push the data necessary to comply with your customer’s requirements and satisfy their business needs.

I am already sending EDI 214s for this customer, why do I have to do this also?

Thanks to innovative new practices and technological advancements within the transportation and logistics industry, we now have better ways of getting more accurate location data. Because we want to pass along the highest quality data available to your customers, we recommend using real- time tracking rather than EDI tracking.

Do I need to send both EDI and real-time tracking data?

Yes, you need to send both. While you should not make any changes to your current EDI relationship, you will still need to add MacroPoint to enable real-time tracking updates for your customers.

I'm already using MacroPoint's integration with my TMS to create and track loads, can I use that same integration?

There are customer integrations and carrier integrations. Though these integrations may run parallel, they are not interchangeable. You cannot substitute one integration for the other.

Our company uses MacroPoint to track our trucks. Can you just use that data for this customer request?

There are customer integrations and carrier integrations. Though these integrations may run parallel, they are not interchangeable. You cannot substitute one integration for the other.

Is there any cost to me for this?

To connect through ELD/TMS, there is no cost to become a MacroPoint enabled Carrier. If you are unable to provide location tracking information via TMS, ELD or GPS, we provide cell phone tracking that is priced variably based on usage.

What value does this provide to me as a carrier?

By choosing to participate with MacroPoint, you are relieving yourself the need to make manual check calls with your drivers and provide your customers with location updates. This translates to less interruptions in your workflow and safer driving conditions. It gives your customers an estimate your time of arrival, enabling dynamic scheduling so that adjustments can be made to delivery windows when necessary whether you’re ahead of schedule or running late. This improves workflow efficiency for both you and your customer, allowing you to avoid detention and interruptions in your productivity.

How does it work? Do you have any documentation?

With a TMS integration, location data is pushed from your transportation management system back to MacroPoint via API integration. This option also automates all load order changes and tracking request requirements. When using an ELD as a tracking method, MacroPoint pulls location data from directly from your ELD provider system. We have NDAs in place with all our ELD partners to guarantee the security of your data and information.

Is my data secure? How are you using my data? Are you selling the data to other companies?

Protecting your data is a top priority here at MacroPoint. We have NDAs in place to guarantee the security of your information between MacroPoint and our TMS or ELD partner systems. Our network uses secure network protocols to provide privacy and data integrity across our network. We use your data to provide real-time freight location status to the customers that you have specifically instructed us to give this information to. We do not redistribute or resell your data to any other companies.

Can I see the tracking data that is being sent to the customer?

We can set carriers up with a free portal on which they can log in to view all the tracking information. The view provided to them on this portal is identical to what that carriers’ customers would see.

How do I get setup?

If you are becoming MacroPoint enabled carrier, you will coordinate with the Descartes MacroPoint Carrier Activations team. If you do not know your Carrier Activations Consultant, please contact us at MPActivations@descartes.com.

Are you integrated with my GPS/ELD system?

MacroPoint currently has the largest ELD/GPS network in the industry. Below is a list of some of the major GPS systems we have integrated with in the past: ELD/GPS-Big Road, ClearPathGPS, Fleetmatics, Forward Thinking Systems GPS, Geotab, Gorrilla Safety, GPS Insight, GPS Track It, Groupo Deca, Innova Links, ISAAC Instruments, JJ Keller, Keep Truckin’, LOESA, Mastertrack, MotoMon, Motum, Navman, Teletrac, Pedigree, PeopleNet, Powervue, Project44, Omnitracs CA/ME/US, Orbcomms, Rand McNally, RHx Systems, Skybitz, Skyguardian, Spireon, Tracker GPS, Vehicle Tracking Solutions, Verizon, Xata (Turnpike), XRS, Zonar. If your TMS contains location data, we also have an API integration available to automate the exchange of location status updates from your TMS to MacroPoint.

Do you have an API available to pass location data?

Yes, we work with a basic web service API that can be integrated with any TMS system.

Will you see all my trucks if you have access to our ELD data?

When a load is created in MacroPoint, a request is sent to the carrier for visibility of that shipment. By assigning that truck number to the tracking session, you are telling our system which truck we should pull tracking data for. MacroPoint guarantees the security of your data and will not access any truck’s data without prior authorization to do so.

Do you accept EDI updates?

No, as EDI is unable to provide real-time tracking. The industry as a whole is trending away from antiquated EDI milestone-based tracking and trending toward exclusively employing real-time tracking in its place.

Can we hide the driver’s cell numbers from the customer?

Yes. We can set you up to assign tracking requests which will only allow the customer to see only the last 4 digits of the driver’s cell phone number.

We have a website where our customers can track their freight, why would we need this also?

By becoming MacroPoint enabled, you are providing your customers with the tools they need to track their freight in real time all on the same portal. Rather than having to navigate multiple websites and platforms from various logistics service providers to ascertain data location, MacroPoint aggregates all this data into a single control tower portal to give your customers a comprehensive view of all in-transit freight across their entire logistics network.

Will cell phone tracking use the driver’s phone data?

Cell phone triangulation does not use driver’s cell phone data. If the driver is using MacroPoint’s iOS or Android driver app for smartphones data use will apply the same as any other App on the smartphone.

I don’t have a GPS, ELD or TMS system for you to connect to – how do I provide data?

If you do not have any type of technology currently, meaning no TMS, no dispatch system, no ELD’s, and no GPS trailer units, or if you’re a broker and do not know your carrier’s in cab technology, don’t sweat it. You still can comply with your customer’s mandate. MacroPoint offers cell phone tracking as the third option for connection – either using cell phone triangulation or via the MacroPoint driver app – however, these options may require manual work on your side to upload information into the MacroPoint portal. For brokers, MacroPoint does offer an API to automate this process if you have the capability of adding to your system. Unlike option 1 and 2, there is a cost associated to comply with cell phone tracking. MacroPoint offers several different plans to meet your company’s needs and we can review these plans on an individual basis if you decide to move forward with option 3.

I am a broker and don’t have my own trucks to track – how do I provide data?

MacroPoint was built as a 3rd party visibility solution so we can provide the same level of visibility for 3rd party assets as we can for companies with their own trucks. MacroPoint does have APIs that automate the tracking process if you have the capability of capturing the driver’s cell phone in your broker system.

How often does the customer want updates?

Frequency of updates is based on customer request which is often every 15 minutes. Your customers will each have their own unique needs for location updates.

What is my MPID?

To access your MPID, please contact Descartes MacroPoint Carrier Activations at MPActivations@descartes.com.

What is my customer’s MPID?

To access your customer’s MPID, please contact Descartes MacroPoint Carrier Activations at MPActivations@descartes.com.

What are my API credentials?

To access your API credentials, please contact Descartes MacroPoint Carrier Activations at MPActivations@descartes.com.